MIAW 2019 will be October 6-12, 2019

Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW) is an annual national public education campaign designed to help open the eyes of Canadians to the reality of mental illness. The week was established in 1992 by the Canadian Psychiatric Association, and is now coordinated by the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH) in cooperation with all its member organizations and many other supporters across Canada.

One of MIAW’s major initiatives is the Faces of Mental Illness campaign, a national outreach campaign featuring the stories of Canadians living in recovery from mental illness. Thousands of pieces of MIAW materials featuring the Faces are disseminated to hundreds of organizations across Canada in an effort to raise awareness and end the stigma associated with mental illness.

As we are entering a federal election year, in lieu of our traditional Faces of Mental Illness Reception in Ottawa, we will be engaging with candidates, leaders in mental health care, and Canadians digitally! Connect with us this #MIAW19 by pariticpating in our interactive map, downloadable materials, and on social media. Ultimately our digital campaign will afford CAMIMH members the opportunity to express support for current mental health initiatives and engage in a discussion regarding the need for increased access to mental health services for all Canadians.


Established in 1998, CAMIMH is an alliance of national organizations whose activities span the broad continuum of mental health. They represent: consumers and their families; health care and social service providers; professional associations; and community and research organizations. Together, they constitute a vibrant network of national, provincial and community-based organizations dedicated to serving the mental health needs of the people of Canada from coast-to-coast-to-coast. CAMIMH’s mission is to promote and facilitate the development, adoption, and implementation of a national action plan on mental illness and mental health.

CAMIMH represents one voice for collective mental health.


Mental Illness Awareness Week runs exclusively on funding from our sponsors, partners and contributors. You or your organization can make a difference by making a contribution to the MIAW campaign.

Use the instructions below to submit your contribution. Unfortunately, CAMIMH is not able to issue charitable receipts at this time.Thank you for your support!

Please make your cheque out to:

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