Election 2011: Make your voice heard!

Regardless of which party or candidate you will be voting for, this election presents a great opportunity for your voice to be heard. In fact, politicians respond more directly to the concerns of voters and organizations in their local riding. This is especially true during an election campaign as they are eager to please their constituents and win their votes.

Visit this website and send the candidates in your riding a letter asking them about mental health issues.

It is very important that you take an active role during this campaigning period because those that are elected will shape the future of health care in Canada. The candidates who are chosen to represent you in this election will be the ones responsible for overseeing the Health Accord negotiations that is up for renewal in 2014. The 2004 Accord set out an extra $41.2-billion over 10 years in dedicated funding for health care issues such as reducing wait times, training health professionals, expanding home care and developing a national pharmaceutical strategy. It will be vital to increase awareness of mental health and mental illness issues so that they are fully addressed in upcoming negotiations. We must seize this opportunity to be involved.

Together we can play a key role in advancing the issue of mental health and mental illness by interacting with candidates directly.

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