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2020 Nominations Open

Some or all of the following award categories may be awarded in a given year:

  • The Sharon Johnston Champion of Mental Health Award for Youth
    (Any Canadian 21 and younger who has shown leadership in his or her community in promoting mental health and or mental illness awareness, or any organizations dedicated to providing services for youth.)
  • Media
    (Any media personality or outlet who has contributed to public awareness of mental health or mental illness awareness.)
  • Workplace Mental Health
    (Any employer or employee who has contributed to creating a mentally healthy workplace for staff.)
  • Community Organization
    (Any organization that has provided great public service to community members experiencing mental illness.)
  • Community Individual
    (Any person, who through personal commitment has increased awareness about mental illness or reduced stigma in his or her community.)
  • Parliamentarian
    (Any provincial, territorial or federal Parliamentarian who has advanced the mental health agenda in Canada.)
  • Innovation – Researcher or Clinician
    (An innovative person or organization that through their work has advanced the mental health agenda in Canada.)


How are the Champions selected? A selection committee of CAMIMH member organizations will review and select the award recipients according to the categories described above. Consideration will be given not just to the contributions of individuals and organizations within the designated categories but also to ensuring that as a group, the 2020 recipients represent a range of significant contributions to mental health from across Canada.

Nominees will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

i.   commitment and/or longevity of commitment to mental health and illness
ii.   significance of contribution
iii.   uniqueness of contribution
iv.   by word or example, brings mental health and illness to the attention of the public

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact CAMIMH at 613-233-8906 or at

Champions of Mental Health Awards Nomination Form - 2020

To submit a nomination for the 2020 Champions of Mental Health Awards, please complete all the fields below.
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  • Please enter a number from 1 to 99.
  • Nominations are accepted in all categories. You may nominate more than one person for a given category, or people or organizations for more than one category. In no more than 2,500 characters (including spaces), describe the contributions the nominee, or nominated organization has made to mental illness awareness and to advance the mental health agenda in Canada in the past year. Tell us what the nominee, or nominated organization has done and how this has made a difference in the lives of those living with mental illnesses. The candidates' contributions to mental health and illness can be diverse – their work may have shaped public policy, added to knowledge, allowed for a better workplace or improved the lives of individuals. If nominating an organization, please complete the nominee information for the contact person at said organization. Self-nominations are not accepted. Please note, former Faces of Mental Illness will not be awarded within 2 calendar years of their participation in the Faces of Mental Illness category. Former Champions of Mental Health winners are not eligible for a second Champions Award.
  • Nominator Information

  • By submitting this form you understand that some nominees may be notified by phone or email and may be required to submit additional information. Where applicable, CAMIMH reserves the right to award nominees in different categories than that which they were originally nominated. Compensation will be provided for basic modes of travel and accommodation. The amount will be in CAMIMH's sole discretion and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.