2013 Defeat Depression Campaign Announcement

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The Defeat Depression Campaign is getting
people to take action against depression

This is the only Pan-Canadian multi-organizational, family-based mental health campaign consisting of walks, runs, rides and other activities.

Physical activity such as walking, running and social interactions have a positive effect on our mental health and helps tackle depression. These events across Canada are the perfect way for family, friends, co-workers and persons who are affected by depression to all come out and support positive mental health!

On Sunday May 26, we want you to take a walk, run, bike ride or any other activity for mental health. Simply register here, set up your own campaign page (it takes 5 minutes – and is very easy) and move for mental health along with thousands of other Canadians.

You can run, roller blade, bike ride, run on a treadmill, hula hoop, or take part in any other fun activity that you can think of. Take a walk in the park or in the mall, play baseball, throw a frisbee, whatever you do – take part in the campaign! Send in your photos and share your stories, and get your family and friends to join too! Challenge others to take up the cause and get involved.

The campaign is about getting actively engaged against depression and fighting stigma. The campaign raises crucial funds to support local mental health organizations provide direct services to persons with mental illness and their families. We are so proud of the dedicated volunteers who are working collaboratively on this campaign in their communities.

Mental health organizations and dedicated local coordinators/ volunteers are hosting Defeat Depression events in dozens of communities across Canada. Walks, runs and rides are being set up by people and groups of friends who have seen their family members and others struggle with depression. No matter where you live in Canada, you can be a part of this campaign and help our efforts!

Registering online is so easy and you will have your very own personal page that you can send out to all your friends and family that shows how you are taking a stand and helping to Defeat Depression. Let everyone know you care about depression and other mood disorders, and that you are going to make a difference.

Last year, thousands of Canadians came out and took part in events across the country. This year, let’s double these numbers and really make a statement together that mental illness, depression and other mood disorders are health priorities that need to be addressed and supported. Together we can make a direct impact!

Funds raised will go to the local mental health organizations that are taking part in the campaign and will also help provide depression resources, research and materials to spread the campaign and these resources to even more communities.

We need to help our loved ones through the recovery process. It is time that we all talk about depression and other mood disorders openly, honestly and often. We
need to stand up against stigma, and help community non-profit mental health organizations in their work.


Be Part of the Campaign

Here’s how…

    1. REGISTER TODAY to Defeat Depression and Move for Mental Health. Online registration is easy, and takes just a couple of minutes.
    2. LOOK FOR AN EVENT in your community, join their campaign, either individually or form a team.
    3. HOLD YOUR OWN ACTIVITY if there is no event currently in your town or city. Do it on your own, or form a team. Don’t leave your town off our map!
    4. SETUP your personalized campaign page. If you wish, add a personal reason why this campaign is important to you and your family and friends, share a picture if you want to.
    5. SET A FUNDRAISING GOAL. Your personal site will allow you to set a fundraising goal and lets you send out emails and social media updates directly from your personalized page. Your family and friends will love following your progress.
    6. SUPPORT your community mental health organization that is hosting the local event, and help the Defeat Depression Campaign that provides all the resources and supports for all the local organizations across the country. Your donations make a difference and will go to resources and services for local families that need your support.
    7. SPREAD THE WORD, and invite your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to join the campaign. Form a team from your workplace, school, local club or organization.
    8. VOLUNTEER at the event and help coordinate the activities in your community. As well, businesses are welcome to promote the event and donate giveaways to participants. Contact the event in your city or town today!
    9. Sponsor the Campaign today! Donate Here

Please help promote the campaign; forward this information to your colleagues, friends and family. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We depend on your help to spread the message so we can dedicate the funds raised to go to the mental health organizations. If you are a local mental health organization who hasn’t yet joined—become a host and organize an event today!


Defeat Depression Campaign Song

International Singer, Songwriter and Author, Emily Maguire is supporting the campaign through dedicating her hit song, “Keep Walking” as the Defeat Depression National Anthem song. This moving tribute is featured on our webpage and is played at all events. You can view a special message to the campaign from Emily as well as listen to the song here.

For more information, contact the event coordinator in your community; follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Please visit for more information about the national campaign and to access resources, supports and mental health links.


National Sponsors

A very sincere thank you to our national sponsors. Your support helps us develop the campaign resources and materials for so many communities. Thank you Bell,, Esperanza Magazine, Impact Public Affairs, Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health, Lundbeck Canada, and

If you would like to join our efforts in this incredible campaign and become a sponsor contact us directly at


The Defeat Depression Campaign

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